4 Absolute Stain Removal Techniques That Will Leave You In Awe!

Stain Removal

Stains cannot be helped especially if you have kids and pets. But now, welcome the fun as you can trust that your home will not be left a mess

For many, stains can be a source of worry and anxiety as often there are expensive fabrics involved. The surfaces and furniture where you live need to be taken care of with precision as we all know that marks remaining for too long on a surface can mar the look and feel of it. 

In this article, the experts introduce you to 3 techniques that can remove any discolouration or blemish that is around your space. And if these are still not able to get rid of the mess, then there’s an additional one that positively can!

Brushing works on stains that cannot spread further

An important factor to note with this technique is that if the stain you are aiming to get rid of is still wet and can spread, then this may be a bad idea. The process involves a stiff-bristle brush being used and a paper being held under the area to collect the powdered form of the material. Often, there are substances that fall onto the carpet and solidify there. This way could get rid of them.


Upholstery tends to have stains such as spilt cold drinks or even coffee and these can really mar the look of it. If the mark isn’t too harsh, a pretreating solution of liquid detergent can be made and then rubbed onto the upholstery fabric or mats. Once allowed to remain for a few minutes, the material can be washed. 

Caution to be exercised in this method is that the material of certain upholstery is delicate and cannot tolerate even the softest of detergents. Check the fabric and what it can be subjected to before you give it a try. 

Freezing could work for the stubborn piece of gum! 

Let’s face it. Gum can be annoying when it is stuck onto surfaces and can cause a mess bad enough to make you pull your hair. Calm down! The most important thing to remember is that gum is stubborn when it is in its natural state. Simple change the state! Freeze it

Place the material in a plastic bag with ice cubes and put it into the freezer. Once you check and see that it is solidified, remove the gum which is now not stubborn in the least!

Call in the professionals!

With a belief that nothing is too tough to clean, NY Cleaning is at your service. This local brand in Australia is making a difference one home at a time with its state-of-art services. 

Our team comes equipped with machines, industrial solvents, eco-friendly solutions and in the case of special fabrics or exotic ones, strategies to test and only then remove the stain. We care for fabrics like our own and you can be sure that your area is in safe hands. 

Let us know when you need a stain removed, and we will do whatever possible!

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