4 Absolutely Necessary Things You Must Do During the End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne is a common concern for many house occupants who are moving to a different living space. Many contracts require the occupants to return the house intact and in good condition when they are moving out to get their security deposits back. End of lease cleaning in Melbourne usually includes carpet cleaning and stain removal. In case your home came with furniture, you should also consider getting leather cleaning done.

It is recommended to call for the end of lease cleaning experts usually considering the complexities that are involved in end of lease cleaning plus the time that’s needed to perform deep cleaning. Additionally, the living space requires deep and thorough cleaning to remove stains, grease, moulds (if any), and other tough stains. Carpet cleaning is another cleaning focus that requires the use of products that reach the bottom of the carpet and release trapped stains, dirt, and dust.

This NY Cleaning blog explores 4 top tips that you must know if you are deciding to do your own end of lease cleaning. Need professional help with end of lease cleaning in Melbourne? Call the experts today! 

4 Absolutely Necessary Things You Must Do During the End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne


1. Start with the kitchen: The kitchen is a space in a house that gets used beyond imagination. All the cooking, food preparation, and eating happen. While many households prefer cleaning their kitchen slabs, cooking space, and cupboard drawers on a weekly basis. During the times when you are moving out the same routine cleaning may seem tiring. So while you are doing the most basic cleaning, there are chances grease and oil residuals may stick to the wall and kitchen slabs

One of the best ways to clean the kitchen slab is using lukewarm water and soap solution. Scrub using a sponge or a cotton (preferably) cloth. For refrigerators and freezers, it is advised to use high-quality cleaning products that are specially made for cleaning refrigerators and freezers. Once done with the cleaning, keep the doors open so there’s no odour or scope for mould growth. For dishwashers, run a cleaning cycle and let the door open to allow complete drying.

2. Cleaning Pantry: The pantry is commonly used for storing food stocks. While it is advised to deep clean the pantry regularly, chances are you might have missed out on cleaning corners or storage racks. To ensure adequate cleaning, remove shelves and clean all surfaces including the sides using products that are meant for cleaning shelf surfaces. In case your shelves are made of wood, avoid using water or any harsh chemicals as it has the potential to damage the wood’s structure and build. 

For cleaning corners, damp a clean cotton (preferably) cloth lightly, and using a finger, fold the cloth into a cone and use the pointed side to clean the corners. It may take 2-3 rounds of cleaning but this is one of the most effective methods to clean the corners.

3. Oven and hob clean up: Everyone’s guilty of not cleaning their ovens often. While cleaning the oven after 2-3 uses is common, there are still chances of frequent oven use deposits in the form of grease and food deposits. These overtime can thicken and harden beyond the regular scope of the cleaning. Additionally, rough cleaning can cause the oven’s surface to chip which can hinder the functioning of the oven. 

This is also the case if you are considering cleaning grilling surfaces. Usually, metal brushes are used for cleaning surfaces used for grilling. The metal from brushes can end up in the fire pit eventually melting when the grill is in use. This can cause health issues. Thus, consider using a pumice stone.

While cleaning hobs, remove the plastic covering and gently clean the surface using adequate cleaning agents. Also consider cleaning racks, burners, and trays. ?If the stains and grease deposits are too stubborn, consider overnight soaking in water and soap (equal parts) solution.

4. Bathroom cleaning: The bathroom is another room that’s used often. Right from morning to night. The major focus when cleaning the bathroom is the sink, mirror, commode, bathing space (shower area plus bathtub). You can use chlorine-based cleaning agents (avoid strong bleaching agents) or soap and water solution (one-part water, one and a half part soap) to clean bathroom tiles. If your bathroom has carpet flooring, consider carpet steam cleaning. Additionally, you can also indulge in grout cleaning using a concentrated paste of cleaning solution and an old toothbrush. 

Call NY Cleaning for End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne 


End of lease cleaning in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia is important and at the same time challenging if you have decided to do it on your own. While you can get the right products from the market, having the patience to let the product act can be stressful. Many occupants decide on getting end of lease cleaning from professionals considering the ease and convenience it brings. Bonus? In your free time, you get to pack your belongings better.

NY Cleaning is a leading end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Our cleaning services are expansive covering carpet cleaning, stain removal, leather cleaning, and carpet steam cleaning Melbourne. 

Save more time and get your deposit back with NY’s end of lease cleaning in Melbourne! 

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