4 Things To Know About End of Lease Cleaning

Things to know about End of lease Cleaning

Solving Your Move-Out Worries – Tips and Tricks By Professionals


While the end of lease cleaning can be a tedious and hassle-laden process, it is still important for residents who have the responsibility to return the rental property in excellent condition. This is necessary when you want your deposited money back either from the landlord or from the real estate agent. End of lease cleaning holds such importance due to the fact that it makes new residents move in without much cleaning hassles.

While home remedies may seem quick, in the budget, and personalised, nothing can replace the end of lease cleaning Box Hill by NY Carpet Cleaning. We are your one-stop solution for all your ‘cheap carpet cleaning Melbourne’ searches. Our team of carpet cleaning experts are always conscious about your surroundings during an end of lease cleaning and performs deep cleaning that is bound to impress any landlord.

4 Things To Know About End of Lease Cleaning Box Hill!


Tips and Tricks!

Note that these cleaning tips and tricks can be used by anyone for a shiny and clean living space. While we encourage every resident to keep their living space clean, it is important to note that using harsh chemicals too often can lead to health issues. These easy-to-do home remedies will not only save your dollars but will also make your living space clean and shiny!

Let’s get cleaning!

  • Clean window glasses with your own potion: Windows are often laced with curtains or blinds and protect our living space while giving out a peek into what’s happening around us. While regular window cleaning keeps them clean and spot-free, it is important to use the right solution in adequate proportions to get the best of cleaning.

It is usually recommended to use distilled vinegar (also known as white vinegar, 50%) along with tap water to clean everyday stains and dirt. While for extremely grime-ridden glass, prewash using soapy water (solution consisting of soap and water) and then use the vinegar spray to clean the surface. You may have to repeat the process multiple times before the grime weakens and starts clearing out. For resistant stains, some rubbing may help with a cotton cloth diluted in vinegar.  

  • Steam cleaning for carpet cleaning: Carpets get dirtier quicker than you think. While visible signs of dirt and the need for cleanliness take time to show up, it is always a good idea to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned to ensure deep cleaning.

Steam cleaning, as the name suggests, makes use of steam (vapour) to dilute dirt and debris that might be living on the carpet surface. After being left for some time, as the dirt swells up, a high-pressure vacuum cleaner is then used to suck it. This leaves the carpet clean. Our carpet cleaning Box Hill experts may even use fragrance (non-synthetic most of the time) on request.

  • Use olive oil to get rid of fingerprint marks: While you are busy cleaning your living space as a part of the end of lease cleaning, chances are some surfaces may have your fingerprint imprints left behind them. This not only requires another layer of thorough cleaning that will definitely eat some time off your day. 

One of the quickest ways of getting rid of fingerprint marks is using a few drops of olive oil. On a paper towel use a few drops of olive oil and wipe stainless steel surfaces to remove the fingerprint. Do not use more than 2-3 drops of olive oil. Once cleaned, wipe the surface using a dry paper towel. 

  • The top to bottom cleaning technique: It is always recommended to clean your living space from top to bottom floors. This way, you will not have to clean one service twice. This methodology includes cleaning the ceiling fans, the floor, wardrobes, drawers and even the bathrooms. Additionally, if you dusting your windows and wall corners, always use a dustpan to accumulate the dirt and dust for later disposal. 


We understand your obligation to move out while leaving behind a home in pristine condition. We do not use harsh chemicals rather a mix of impactful solutions that are bound to make your living space shine. We disinfect all services and clean off even the toughest grease from your kitchen slabs. We also offer commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne can bank on.

We at NY Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, are quick to act and leave you satisfied with our end of cleaning services.

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