Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne Is Now At Your Doorstep!

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is now at your doorstep

Carpet cleaning In melbourne is now at your doorstep!


It’s the festive time of the year! There are overenthusiastic family gatherings and the happy kids who go crazily overjoyed at seeing so many goodies and ringing in the holiday cheer. But there’s something else that comes with these tidings.


You may try to be extra careful at having everything all tidied up and avoiding spills as much as you can, but well, stains do really find their way around. While we couldn’t bear to see your festive spirits dampen, here’s a deal. 

You reach out to NY Cleaning for commercial carpet cleaning in Melbourne, and we’ll sparkle those fabrics up for you!

Professional carpet cleaning Melbourne: a remedy to holiday blues


As the best steam cleaners in Melbourne, we should tell you contrary to popular belief, chemicals aren’t the ultimate when it comes to cleaning. We do not employ these when it comes to cleaning your plush carpets and thus you would be able to use it immediately once we are done. 

To add to this, we are spread across all over Australia. So whether you’ve got a cabin around and need some carpet cleaning in Box Hill or a carpet cleaning south-east Melbourne, we’re here to save the day. 

What does carpet cleaning Melbourne aim to do?


You may wonder why vacuuming won’t solve your carpet problems. The following are ways how carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne works and what it aims to do.

  • Those with asthma won’t have to worry about dust or pollen causing irritation in their respiratory passages. Carpet cleaning strives to rid your carpet of these agents. 
  • The dirt and mud that your kids bring into the home after a day at the playground need to be thoroughly removed. Mere vacuuming isn’t enough for this. Opt for commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne. 
  • A worry-free living room is every homemaker’s dream, and here’s your way to it happening!
  • Have an emergency? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll fix it in a jiffy. 

Is carpet steam cleaning Melbourne a good bet? 


The process of washing your carpet to eliminate any residue dirt, with the use of steam is essentially what steam cleaning involves. Carpet steam cleaning in Box Hill employs this process where the heat breaks down the dirt as soon as it comes in contact with the carpet fibres, thus leaving you with a carpet that looks as good as new! 

Wondering how your family is getting sick this often? Well, you don’t have to look further than the carpet. Along with dirt which is just gross, there are bacteria, fungi and viruses that your carpet could be harbouring. The heat in steam cleaning gets rid of these living parasites. If a healthy family is on your bucket list, go in for a carpet cleaning in Box Hill today!

Will professional carpet cleaning Melbourne harm my carpet in any way?


Absolutely not! If done in the right way, carpet cleaning will not harm the carpet in any manner whatsoever! Our team of steam cleaners in Melbourne will treat your carpet with the luxury it deserves. Widely used by all carpet cleaning facilities, steam cleaning is considered to be restorative in nature. 

We take the following precautions to ensure your carpet does not suffer any damages:

  • Use proper tested equipment for carpet steam cleaning in Box Hill
  • Adjust the water pressure so as to give your carpet a mild treatment
  • Control the humidity and environment in which the carpets are treated

We’re here to make life easier! Contact us today and let those family gatherings only be a cause for enjoyment!

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