Claim Your Full Rental Bond With The End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Get Carpet Ready for the christmas

Rescue Your Rental Bond With Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne 


Hey mate!

Are you excited to vacate your old house and are ready to move into a new and bigger house? Or maybe a new office? Its Christmas! Treat yourself.

But are you also worried that the old landlord might deduct an unfair amount of money from your rental bond. Maybe due to a few coffee spills or maybe that pizza stain on the wall from the new year’s party night.

You are a human mate and it’s okay to be clumsy sometimes and make mistakes! The stains and odor can be due to anything like playful times or acts that were not under your control. But you do not need to be worried that your pocket might suffer because of that. All you need is NY Cleaning’s bond back cleaning Melbourne to save your dollar bills.

Drop The Worry and Trust Lease Cleaning Melbourne


As per the contract that you must have signed when you rented the property: you are supposed to hand over the property in perfect condition. Or at least as it was when you rented it. And since you are reading this blog, it is most likely not in the right condition. But That is what we are here for, to provide you with bond cleaning Melbourne and take away your worries.

NY Cleaning’s professional cleaners, wipe the stain out of your house so clean as if they were never there. With us and our top-notch cleaning services, you can bid goodbye to the bad odour. After we are done with cleaning, when your landlord walks in, all he is going to smell is- aromatic air. And no matter which corner he looks in, it is all going to be stain-free. 

Services You Can Look Forward To With Our End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Box Hill 


NY Cleaning provides a vast number of cleaning services in and around the house and the office. In this section, we have enlisted 3 types of cleaning that you must get done before handing the key over. These three cleanings are what you can avail of as a part of our end-of-lease cleaning.

  1. Carpet Cleaning

Most annoying of all the cleanings can be the carpet cleaning Melbourne. The carpet gets the dirtiest out of all the things around the house. The dirt settles in the carpet and then just does not come out. Worst of all, it is really an eyesore. NY Cleaning is here to help you with carpet cleaning Box Hill

A dirty carpet can sweep away all of your bond money mates, but it won’t. You can rest assured about getting a carpet clean as anew with our end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne. Whether it is commercial carpet cleaning or residential carpet cleaning, our professionals are well equipped to take care of it all.

  1. Tile and Grout Cleaning

These are the sturdy ones. Tiles and grouts are often laced with diet and grime deposits. The salt layered upon them dulls their shining. Not the mention the intersections! The intersections get so dirty that you can tell the tile pieces apart. You can try all the scrubbing in the world but you cannot get that out without the help of professionals.

In tiles and grout cleaning, they are first layered with chemicals, followed by several steps of scrubbing and cleaning. They are almost impossible to deal with but NY Cleaning has got you covered.

  1. Flood Damage Cleaning

About flood damage cleaning Melbourne, we would advise you to get it done as soon as the water damage occurs. The spilled water can sink in, accumulate, and rot things inside out. You don’t want your landlord to lose his mind on seeing his property rot.

This is why flood damage cleaning is a “MUST” before the end of the lease. Water damages can be minimised with our flood damage cleaning services. We use the best quality methods to make sure that water damage is saved and so is your bond amount.

In a nutshell Melbourne, you can carry on with the moving planning. NY Cleaning can take care of your house cleaning. We can promise you that you will get the best cleaning possible. And, we will cost way less than the amount you may lose if you don’t get the house cleaned.

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