Does Stain Removal Scare You Melbourne? Here Are Some Things You MUST Know About Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Absolutely no one likes having a carpet that is gross, unclean and reaks of hygiene issues. And while carpets may seem ‘clean’ on the outside with the DIY cleaning a homeowner subjects them to, the truth remains, no amount of home remedies or cleaning can free a carpet from years of deep-rooted stains and debris. 

While man homeowners decide to live with the deteriorating condition of the carpet, some go to the extent of dumping them and getting new ones every once in a while. This is an expensive solution considering the fact that carpets cost a lot.

So, what can you do?

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This blog explores how you can do stain removal on your own while help is on the way. It is worth noting that the faster you act on a stain, the easier is after cleaning. so, if the next time you come across a situation where there’s stain v/s you, here are some life hacks you should absolutely know about!

Removing basic stains and odours


Stain removal is all about acting quick and using products that don’t damage carpet fabrics. If you have spilled juice, the kids spilled colours or accidentally dropped pasta on the carpet. Here’s what you should be doing immediately:

  • Use cloth or kitchen towel to remove as much spillage as you can
  • Avoid rubbing on the stain
  • Dab the cloth or kitchen towels on the stage to absorb as much spillage as you possibly can
  • Avoid using hydrogen peroxide or any other bleaches
  • Don’t use alcohol or sanitisers on the stain

Of all the popular DIYs out there on the internet, it is recommended to use a paste made with mixing water and baking soda or spraying diluted vinegar on the stain. These remedies may work but might damage the delicate fabric and intricate fibre weave of the carpet.

Here’s what you should be doing for stain removal – basic level:


  • Use a spoon or fork to remove any physical debris
  • Avoid using too much pressure on the physical debris as the pressure can push the debris deeper into the carpet
  • Use a clean cloth (preferably cotton) or paper towel and dab gently on the wet stain. The objective here is to absorb as much spillage as possible
  • Avoid using clothes that have a tendency of leaving colours. This will damage your carpet more than you can imagine
  • Avoid rubbing the stain at all costs. This can damage the fibre of the carpet
  • Spray a product that is specially meant for fabric cleaning. Avoid using detergent as
  • Repeat the process until the stain fades

Once the stain has decreased, here are the next stain removal steps to carry out:


  • Apply a layer of stain removal product you are using
  • Let the product rest for 5-7 minutes
  • Remove as instructed in the product description
  • In case the stain doesn’t get off, pour some cold water on the stain and use a cloth to absorb as much water as possible

Got pet pee on your carpet? Here’s how you can DIY pet urine stain removal! 


  • If you see the pet still urinating, get them off the carpet as soon as possible. The more they pee, the more soaked the carpet will be
  • Avoid using heat as it can cause the stain and the odour to stay
  • It is best to use a cloth or paper towel to soak up as much urine as possible 
  • While doing so, focus on spot cleaning and do not rub
  • Use a product that is meant to take out pet urine stains
  • Do not rub. Try to bloat and soak as much as you can
  • Wet the spots with cold water and continue bloating 
  • Call professional carpet cleaners to ensure no stains or odours remain

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