What Does An End Of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne Involve? Everything You Need To Know

End Of Lease Cleaning

Are you planning to get an end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne? You can find out everything you need to know here.


When moving out of a home, there are often so many memories that you associate with the place. Happy times wrapped in nostalgia and joy, and it can be tough to pack it all away in suitcases and move to another home. In this time, you are already dealing with the challenges that come with breaking attachments, involved in the more specific tasks such as getting your new home ready for your things and seeing to loans and debts and all of it. Thus, an end of lease carpet cleaning is something you shouldn’t have to focus on with so much going on.

Let the professionals do it for you. 

What is the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne?


When a tenant leases a home, they pay a certain sum of money which is known as the bond. This security deposit remains with the landlord until the tenant’s lease is over and the tenant has to move out. 

In normal circumstances, the landlord returns this security deposit to the tenant, on certain conditions. If the home has in any way been tampered with or isn’t fit for the new tenants to move in, the tenant may not get their security deposit back. Thus, you see that cleaning the home is very essential before you move out, as your money depends on it. 

Do you have to bear the weight of the task? No. 

You can call commercial cleaning services in Melbourne to see to it for you. 

What does the cleaning involve?


Since you are leaving the home ready for the next person to enter, you must ensure that every aspect of the home is cleaned. Right from top to down. 

Carpet Cleaning: The carpets are the most important to be cleaned during the end-of-lease cleaning. They gather dust and dirt that is sometimes all too visible and looks shabby if left as is. Simple vacuuming is enough for the dust on the surface layers, but the deep layers underneath would require a proper steam cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Tiles seem to accumulate dirt over time and the ridges between the tiles get filled with dirt too. These are known as grout. Why not shine your tiles again with a tile and grout cleaning in Box Hill? The people who are to move into the home will love the space you have left back for them. 

The shelves and cabinets: These are elements that go unnoticed, but require cleaning all the same. The cabinets need their fair share of scrubbing and it is important to remove the dirt and grime from them. 

Kitchen cleaning: Commercial cleaning services in Melbourne include getting rid of the toughest grease and grime that builds up near the gas range, behind the fridge, under the cabinets, and near the exhaust. 

Through deep cleaning measures, these stains are eliminated and the kitchen does seem a whole lot fresher. 

Stain removal: This is done throughout the home. Using efficient solutions that smell fresh and are capable of removing the most stubborn stains, the marks are removed leaving the home just as if it were as good as new and leaving the landlord happy. 

Are you consulting the right professionals?


This home is where you have made memories, where you have spent part of your life, which has stood by you during the test of time. You would want to give it the best treatment you could. For the purpose of leaving your home as lovely as it was when you entered, call in professionals you trust.

NY Cleaning is a commercial cleaning service in Melbourne that goes above and beyond what is expected and gives you your money’s worth. Our experts just cannot stop until the home looks as good as a new one. You can trust the level of perfection we offer. 

Even if you are not on the lookout for an end-of-lease cleaning right now, you can check out our other cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, rugs and mats cleaning, upholstery cleaning and so much more. 

We aim to shine in every corner of your home with no exceptions. 

With the pandemic, everyone is at home and the house is bound to get dirty with everyone confined inside. Instead of taking it upon yourself to clean the space, call in our experts and let us do it for you. 

Here’s hoping you are safe right now and secure. Hygiene is of prime importance. Our experts take all sanitation procedures very seriously. You can trust the process.

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