Get Your Carpets Ready for Winter With These 4 Simple Steps

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Winter care is a must! Are you doing it right?

Winters can get freezing cold and extremely chilly leading eventually to more closed windows and heaters being on most of the time. This prevents continuous circulation of fresh air, eventually making the fabric damp and moist. Additionally, with family members of the family spending more time at home, carpet gets used more than usual making it way dirtier than in any other season. 

Winter care is essential for the prolonged life of the fabric. While there are ample DIY tricks available online, it is always best to consult professional cleaners before taking such measures. Made out of delicate fabrics and intricate weaving techniques, they need special care. While the DIY method may seem effective, it is important that the fabric dries out before being back in use otherwise the products used can spoil the fabric. 

Let’s get winter ready!

4 Ways You Can Get Your Carpet Ready for Winters!


    1. Removing shoes every time you enter your living space: Shoes carry more than just mud and dirt. They bring in other pollutants, pollens, leaves, small branches and other debris too. These can get into the carpet making it dirtier. Keeping a doormat at the entrance encourages people to clean their shoes before entering the living space
    2. Keep your surroundings clean: It is not always necessary that the pollutants are coming from outside. Keeping your indoor clean (especially in a home with kids) is essential to having a clean home as dirt and impurities from the floor can get onto it. It is advised to use vacuum cleaners at all corners of the house. Additionally, consider carefully cleaning your floor on a regular basis
    3. Consider getting deep cleaning: Deep clean-up removes any deep residing pollutants and dirt that goes unnoticed otherwise. Moreover, it involves removing the furniture and the carpet, getting floorboards cleaned using high-quality products. Getting your home prepared for a season’s change calls for deep cleaning for upholstery and even car seats! If you are considering this method, seek professional help to minimise your efforts and to maximise results
    4. Act quicker than usual on stains: Winters call for quicker action. The drop in mercury allows stains to dry out faster than it usually would in any other season. So if you see a stain, it is best to act quick. A soap and water solution is usually best to quickly get rid of any stains that can leave a darker imprint once they dry out

Winter is more than just getting your warm clothes out and prepared, having a soup recipe handy and stocking up on your favourite things to do indoors. Your home needs care and deep cleaning as well. NY Cleaning offers high-quality carpet and all-round clean-up services that ensure your home is ready for the season’s changes. 

Are your fabrics ready for winter?

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