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As many promises as you make to yourself about being extra careful around the upholstery, not letting drinks spill onto the couch, and keeping the kids away from the carpet to prevent any messes, you can seldom maintain these. The carpet is an aspect of your home which attracts the most attention, a silent spectator to the happenings of every day, and thus needs to be cleaned from time to time. Carpet cleaning services in Melbourne can be difficult to come by. While certain dirt and dust are visible and noticeable, NY Cleaning does a thorough job with its carpet cleaning, so that nothing, not even the invisible stays on!

Why commercial cleaning services in Melbourne shouldn’t be an ordeal?


If you’ve got kids around the house, you’d have noticed them sneezing as soon as it’s been a while you’ve cleaned the carpets, don’t be surprised…

The reason being, the carpet is a nesting ground for allergens, which could range from pollen to dust to mites and more. Carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne requires tough professional action that will remove the micro-organisms and deep dirt in the carpet’s pile. If you’re looking to clean it by yourself, it would require great effort. However, with our top-notch experienced professionals and equipment, we assure you you can leave the job to us.

Whether it’s a carpet cleaning in Box Hill or a carpet cleaning in Melbourne, we have it covered. 

What does carpet steam cleaning involve?


You may be spoilt for choice when it comes to carpet cleaning services in Melbourne or carpet cleaning services in Box Hill, but you need to understand what your carpets need before you choose a service for them. Carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne is an art in itself and it essentially entails giving the carpet some plush treatment. A cleaning agent is applied on the stained surface and the carpet is then put through scrubbing and left to dry. This will remove algae, spores, mildew, fungi, and any other of these living forms in the early stages before they can become a health hazard. 

You may be of the opinion that your carpet has none of these and is spick and span. But we say carpet cleaning does more than just eliminate these forms of life, but rather changes the whole look and feel of your home and fluffs up the fabrics.  

What’s more is that you can say goodbye to dirt, dust, and odour once the carpet steam cleaning is done. The chemicals we use during the carpet steam cleaning in Box Hill and Melbourne are close to none as we understand your fabrics and know what’s best for them. 

What’s the difference between carpet steam cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning? 


Commercial carpet cleaning includes tile cleaning, flood damage, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and stain removal. If you’re looking for cleaning services for your office space, a commercial cleaning may be what you need.

Some may suggest that a steam cleaning for your carpet actually is harmful as it leaves your carpet sopping wet. We thus ensure that we dry it in the least possible time, causing no damage to your precious piece of fabric. 

We additionally provide office cleaning services in Melbourne. With the festive season approaching, we understand what a frenzy cleaning can put you in. Leave the job to us and you can focus on getting your decorations and the rest of it done. 
Call us over and let us clean those carpets for you today!

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