Have You Heard Of These Carpet Stain Removal Methods? They’re Quick Fixes!

carpet stain removal methods

It is recommended to have a carpet steam cleaning in Box Hill done every once in a while

So the family has come over and it’s been a wonderful day. But the kids have spilled juice on the carpet, the uncles have left their muddy prints all over and the dog has contributed his share of the soiled paws.

You call a carpet stain removal service in Melbourne and they tell you they won’t be able to come until a week later. What do you do?

NY Cleaning – a stain removal service is at the ready. We understand that parties and gatherings come with enjoyment and their own share of a mess too. 

Here are some ways that a professional carpet cleaning service will prevent that dirt from going deeper.

Surface cleaning of the carpet

In this method, the superficial surface of the carpet is rid of the stubborn dirt that has formed a layer. Combining a soft cleaning product with detergent, water and a solvent, the mixture is left as clumps on the dirty areas of the carpet. 

How does this technique work? 

The clumps start to attract and dissolve the dirt and can then be removed during later cleaning. These sponges can wonderfully eliminate the dirt on the surface. 

Hot water extraction of the dirt 

Have you ever wondered how commercial carpet cleaning in Box Hill works

The concept follows hot water being forced through the carpet, along with the dirt being forced too. This leaves a clean carpet behind and the dirty water with mixed dirt in another tank.

This technique, however attractive, cannot be tried as a home remedy to a dirty carpet, as it involves high-pressure machines being used. 

The magical remedy: steam cleaning

Within the carpet fibres and even on the surface, there is more than what meets the eye. The carpet attracts fungus, lichens, bacteria, algae and so much more than cannot be eliminated with a simple cleaning. 

A steam cleaning is in order!

The essence of steam cleaning is that no matter what material, and how minute the dust and dirt and organisms, they can be forced out.

Encapsulation cleaning is what you nee

In this method, the carpet is vacuumed and then following this, an encapsulating agent is applied on the surface. 

A rotary agitation machine is then run across the carpet surface, which as the name suggests, agitates the mixture on the carpet and causes it to blend in with the dirt and fibres. 

The dirt that is then left on the carpet is vacuumed.

A quick fix to carpet problems!

The absorbent pad method

A method that does not take much time and is generally used for cleaning the carpet superficially.

After vacuuming the carpet, a chemical solution is sprayed onto the surface that is let to remain for some time and soak into the fibres of the carpet. 

An absorbent pad is placed on the rotary machine and the machine is then guided along the carpet surface until the surface is cleaned. 

This method, though a quick fix to cleaning the carpet in a short amount of time does not guarantee a deep cleaning, as the dirt from the bottom-most areas still remains.

How should you go about choosing a carpet cleaning service? 

The answer to ‘carpet cleaning services near me’ will yield a long list of results on the search engine page and deciding among these is a task. 

There is an abundance of carpet cleaners in Australia, but here is what you should base your selection upon: 

  • Exceptional service 
  • Professional and trained staff
  • Quality work 

Make the right choice! 

NY Cleaning is a local family-owned business that has been helping homes and offices in Australia remain fresh and clean. With a range of services that spans tile cleaning, leather cleaning, mat cleaning, carpet cleaning, flood damage, end of lease carpet cleaning in Box Hill and more, we are committed to making your experience worthwhile. 

When is the last time you have cleaned your carpets in the home? Contrary to popular beliefs, the carpets do not require cleaning only when a family gathering is due or when they get terribly soiled. Carpets attract numerous microscopic particles throughout the day and this is why they need to be cleaned frequently. 

Let your family gatherings be full of fun and let the pets have their fair share of enjoyment too. 

Do not worry about the mess. We will clear that up for you. As for getting you the best offers, we will see to that too. Here’s to letting the stains never spoil the mood of the party!

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