Here Are 3 Effective Stain Removal Techniques! Either This Or Reach Out To Stain Removal Services In Box Hill

Stain Removal Services box hill

There’s a stain removal service for everyone in Box Hill

Splashes of ketchup on the sofa. 

Drops of juice spilt on the rugs. 

Cereal and milk dropped on the carpet. 

Dirty footprints on the couch. 

Did you cringe yet or should we go on? 

The fact of the matter is that stains really can get on your nerves and ours too! 

Here are 3 effective stain removers and techniques that will make you thank us. 

In case these do not work for you or seem too simple to deal with your stained-filled home, reach out to our stain removal services in Box Hill.

Water! Like most carpet steam cleaning services in Box Hill use

You know this! Whatever the stain, water is often the go-to stain remover, the first line of defense. Water is generally considered a universal solvent and thus can dissolve any stain.

If your carpet has fallen food or oil marks try to water as your immediate response to remove the stain. Carpet steam cleaning services in Box Hill trust in water to get the stains away!

When it is commercial carpet cleaning, pressure works best!

Office spaces and commercial areas would hardly go in for home remedies when it comes to cleaning the carpet. 

What they would do instead is…

Call in the experts! 

NY Cleaning has premier commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. With the application of high-pressure machines and 100% environmentally safe products, you just cannot go wrong with your choice. 

The reason why commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne are so sought-after is that the stains are often harder to get rid of owing to their composition and the area over which they are spread. 

Vinegar is the preferred option for most rug cleaning services in Box Hill

Another natural solvent but one which must be used with caution. Vinegar is acidic in nature and thus is strong to dissolve stains especially those on rugs and other woollen fabrics.

Rug cleaning services in Box Hill have professional methods of cleaning rugs and removing the grime and dirt that is accumulated on the rugs. If vinegar does not do the trick, you can always reach out to NY Cleaning. If you have Persian or Turkish rugs that require special care, it is best to leave it to the experts instead of experimenting yourself.

Alcohol for the upholstery

The usual features on the upholstery are ink stains, dyes, a pen left open, a marker that is leaking…well you get the hint. 

Alcohol can work as an excellent solvent for stains like these. 


Ink, dyes, marker stains are usually oily and greasy. These dissolve in the alcohol! 

Upholstery cleaning services in Box Hill have some premium and affordable products and methods of getting rid of upholstery stains. What is another plus point is that these products are completely safe and suitable for your leather couches. 

If you go in for professional upholstery cleaning services in Box Hill, along with solvents, high-pressure machines will also be deployed to give you a thoroughly cleaned sofa. 

Need the end-of-lease cleaning done?

End of the lease. 

A nightmare? 

NY Cleaning has hands-on solutions. 

If your lease has ended, the last thing you need in addition to all your other worries is to clean the home. 

NY Cleaning’s end of lease carpet cleaning services in Box Hill has been designed specifically for this purpose. It will be as if the home is a new one, we promise! 

A deep thorough end of lease carpet cleaning service in Box Hill will be what you get. Every nook and corner of the carpet in the home or the office space will look like it has just emerged from the launderette! 

Our services in a gist!

We have something for everyone. Whatever help you need around the home, NY Cleaning has a team of professionals equipped to deal with the situation. If you require any of the below-mentioned services, feel free to invite us into your space:

  • Carpet steam cleaning services in Box Hill
  • Commercial carpet cleaning services in Box Hill
  • End of lease carpet cleaning services in Box Hill
  • Leather cleaning services
  • Upholstery cleaning services in Box Hill
  • Rugs and mat cleaning services in Box Hill
  • Stain removal services in Box Hill
  • Tile cleaning services

Like we say, there is a service for everyone! 

Contact us for every need!

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