Tips for Flood Damage Cleaning Box Hill

flood damage cleaning box hill

Floods: Damaging and wrecking your living and office space


Floods can cause unimaginable damage that can be difficult to revert. Oftentimes, the flood may leave behind water stains and an odour sweeping its way into your belongings.

Flood damage cleaning Box Hill is an important solution that prevents the aftermath of floods from causing damage and inconvenience. 

If your office has suffered flood damage, it is in the best interest to consider office cleaning services Melbourne and carpet steam cleaning Box Hill services so that the workspace can get back to being in use again.

NY Cleaning is a leading provider of flood damage cleaning Box Hill services. Our range of services is exclusive to your living space. This way, you never have to worry about having spots missed for cleaning. 


Here’s how flood can damage your belongings and why flood damage cleaning Box Hill should be a priority!


Before we start discussing what damage flood waters can cause to your belongings, it is crucial that we understand that floods can be caused not just by heavy rains but also due to overflowing rivers, collapsed dams, excessive emission of greenhouse gases and even snowmelt.

While many of these factors are not in our hands to control, as a safety precaution, it is advised that you keep checking on the weather and news in case an emergency situation breaks out and you are prepared enough to stay safe during such times. 


What is flood damage?


Floods barge into a living space even through the strongest doors. Flood water often carries debris, infection-causing germs, foreign objects and at times dead (or living) animals. When the water sweeps into your living space, all these objects make an entry and can hide under the surface in plain sight. 

While at-home cleaning is great as a first measure to prevent damage from reaching your floors, furniture and electronic appliances.

Moreover, the stench from floodwater does not dry out and even though you feel that your home or office is squeaky clean, the harsh truth is that the stench and bacteria are just hiding and will resurface soon.


Here’s why you should avoid a thorough, at home flood damage cleaning Box Hill in the first place:

  • There can be animals like snakes, lizards or frogs that might have entered your living space or office space with the floodwaters and they can be hiding
  • With water everywhere, there’s a risk of getting electric shocks since the powerline too might be submerged underwater
  • The water can be coming from sewage and may cause skin infections
  • The cleaning products may not have a lasting effect due to their weaker, home cleaning strength
  • Floodwater often carries dirt and dust into your living space which can deposit on your carpet and upholstery fabrics if not taken care of professionally

In theory, any damage that is caused due to flooding is termed flood damage. As easy as it may sound, flood damage cleaning Box Hill is difficult and must be left for professionals to handle.

Why so?

Professional flood damage cleaning Box Hill at NY Cleaning ensures:
  • Thorough and deep cleaning
  • Range of professional cleaning including upholstery cleaning services Box Hill, office cleaning services Melbourne, carpet steam cleaning and rug cleaning services Box Hill
  • Scheduled cleaning for convenience
  • Eco-friendly and commercial strength cleaning agents and equipment
  • Trained and experienced cleaners taking care of your household’s well-being after the flood
  • We follow safety precautions related to flood damage cleaning Box Hill

So while the flood damage cleaning Box Hill experts are on their way to clean and sanitise your home or office, there are still precautionary measures you should take, these include:

  • Disconnect all outlets. Don’t do it if you are not sure
  • Place all the soaked materials at a height
  • If there’s too much mud, shovel them out
  • If your work or living space is covered by flood insurance, call your insurance company right away and document proof as necessary or directed
  • Keep your supplies away from water’s reach
  • Create a checklist of damaged items and decide if you want to keep them or want to throw them away
  • If your books, magazines, or newspaper bundles have been soiled due to the flood, it is best to throw them away in a bag to prevent the mushy mess from spreading
  • Secure precious items including clothes and jewellery items

While there’s limited you can do about the flood damage cleaning Box Hill, it is highly advised to keep your living space well ventilated to prevent flood water stink from taking over.

The air circulation keeps the stench away to great extents and prevents flies or bugs from infesting water-soaked items in your living space.


NY Flood Damage Cleaning Box Hill – Home Edition


Here’s what our experts do when it comes to home cleaning:

  • Remove carpets and rugs that are soaked with floodwater
  • Analyse floor condition and water level that needs to be drained out
  • Identity wall condition to detect stains
  • Remove furniture

Our team of experts at NY Cleaning performs the highest quality upholstery cleaning Box Hill and carpet steam cleaning Box Hill alongside top-notch and fabric-specific rug cleaning services Box Hill.

We are always careful about your belongings and that’s why our experts keep you updated about the cleaning process and if required place your belongings back in your living space or workspace. 


NY Office Cleaning Services Melbourne – Professional Flood Damage Cleaning


Office spaces need special attention when it comes to flood damage cleaning Box Hill. This is due to the fact that space is created keeping the comfort of employees and aesthetic appeal in mind.

Oftentimes, offices keep an array of fancy furniture to accommodate that and while it does create a fun and exciting environment to work in, the office spaces may become more susceptible to flood damage.

Here’s what our experts do when it comes to home cleaning:
  • Remove carpets and rugs that are soaked with floodwater
  • Analyse floor condition and water level that needs to to be drained out
  • Identity wall condition to detect stains
  • Remove all the furniture

For an office space, it is highly advised to not step into the waters and undertake even the simplest of tasks that are related to electrical appliances. Always switch the main power supply off. In the case of offices with kitchen space, disconnect gas lines to prevent any leaks.

If your office has a pantry, shift available produce and packaged products to a higher level. Keep clean drinking water away from floodwater reach.


Top 3 Safety Precautions You Must Take to Safeguard Your Home and Office Space

For homes:
  • Invest in flood insurance
  • Avoid cleaning the living space by yourself
  • Call NY Cleaners for all your cleaning needs
For offices:
  • Turn the main power off and call NY Cleaning
  • Invest in insurance
  • Keep calm and take care of your employees

Note that, while flood leaves you with very limited time to act, always focus on keeping yourself and the people around you safe. Follow instructions and be cooperative. 

Furniture Care After Flood

Wooden furniture is vulnerable to damage due to flooding. The water can sweep into the wood’s structure and cause moisture build-up that can eventually lead to the rotting of the pulp.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to remove your wooden furniture from the water as soon as possible. Once removed, use a dry, cotton cloth to wipe off excess water from the furniture.

NY Cleaning offers flagship upholstery cleaning services Box Hill that are quick and easy on the fabric. Moreover, we use eco-friendly products that leave no residual.

Protecting your carpets and rugs!

Carpet steam cleaning and rug cleaning services Box Hill ensures that your carpets are thoroughly and deep cleaned. This is crucial since the process of carpet steam cleaning uses industrial-strength steamers that pull dirt and debris out of the carpet.

Rugs are made with the most luxurious fabrics and can endure long-term damage if not cleaned within 36 hours of being soaked with floodwater. NY Cleaning’s rug cleaning services Box Hill deeply cleans rugs without causing any damage to the fabric. We use products that are specifically for rugs and ensure that the rug dries out quickly minimising water weight from causing further damage. 

Bottom Line

Flood damage control isn’t easy. And while you are struggling with clearing out the mess, NY Cleaning experts ensure that there’s something less to worry about. Our flood damage cleaning Box Hill services ensure that your home or office experiences maximum restoration at the earliest.

While our experts are on the move to take matters into their hands, you can focus on other aspects of flood damage control and restoration including documenting the process along with before and after pictures and claiming insurance.

We understand that times can get in touch when a natural calamity strikes. Our experts are understanding and they do their best to cause no inconvenience to you. They keep you updated throughout the process and rest assured your living space is in the right hands. Need Flood Damage Cleaning Box Hill? Contact NY Cleaning today!

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