The Top 4 Methods Of Carpet Cleaning That Are Proven Effective To Drive Out The Dirt

carpet cleaning

The local carpet cleaners in Box Hill are here to give you the best cleaning there is!


The carpet in the home is one of the most important aspects. Even though many may not agree, but if the carpet is a dull shade due to collected dirt over the years, the home has a look suggesting it needs some cleaning.

A fresh and clean carpet is just what is needed to give the home a chance to breathe free.

How can you clean the carpets in your home space? Here are 4 proven methods and while you may not have the equipment to be able to do these by yourself, the local carpet cleaners in Box Hill do so.

Dry carpet cleaning in Box Hill that gets rid of the dirt


What is dry cleaning? 

In this method, a dry compound is used to absorb the dirt from the carpet fibres. 

How is it done?
  • The carpet consists of layers of fibres, and this method involves opening it up
  • The dry compound which acts as a cleaning agent is applied to the bottom layer
  • A motorised counter rotating brush is used
  • The compound is then removed after being allowed to settle for a while and absorb the dirt 
  • The cleaning absorbent used is similar to biodegradable micro-sponges and this facilitates the ease of cleaning
  • This technique is also used on a wide scale for commercial cleaning in Box Hill


The method involves a scientific process of foam turning into powder thus making it a great technique for carpet cleaning 

How is it done?
  • The cleaning foam is applied to the carpet and it covers a great surface area 
  • The foam acts as an attractant for dirt and dust and other micro filth that has accumulated within the carpet
  • The formula involves that after a period of time, the foam crystallises into a powder form that can then be easily removed from the carpet 
  • This powdered form has the settled dirt and dust

Bonnet Cleaning

A great cleaning method if you are looking to have the cleaning done in a less amount of time and still get outstanding results 

How is it done?
  • Bonnet cleaning involves a motorised rotating machine with a spinning pad to move over the carpet surface 
  • The spinning pad is immersed in a cleaning solution prior to the cleaning  process
  • The spinning pad manages to leach the dirt away from the carpet surface and leave a clean carpet behind 
  • Bonnet cleaning though effective does not manage to eliminate the dirt and stains from the underside layers of the carpet 
  • Thus over time, the dirt from the deeper layers comes to the surface 

Steam cleaning services in Box Hill to revive your carpet 

One of the most effective techniques to have a carpet good as new. 

How is it done? 
  • A cleaning agent is applied to the carpet surface and agitated using a brush and then rinsed 
  • Following this, hot water is forced through the fibres of the carpet using a high-pressure machine for the process
  • This ensures that the cleaning agent is distributed amongst all layers of the fabric 
  • When the high-pressure machine forces the cleaning agent through the carpet, the entire carpet gets a thorough cleaning 
  • The cleaning agent can then be found on the other side of the carpet

Why should you choose a carpet cleaning service with care? 

Your precious carpet has enough to deal with as it is and the last thing it needs is to be treated with solutions and detergents that are harsh or that will leave their fibres frayed. When it comes to carpets and their cleaning, experts understand which solutions work well on which kind of fibres and at NY Cleaning, the professionals will leave no stone unturned to give you a carpet that looks as good as new. 

Not just carpets, but even our car cleaning, upholstery cleaning services in Box Hill, tile cleaning and end of lease cleaning are curated in such a way that they tend to be an all-around cleansing process. 

The formulas applied here are professional and the aim is to give the home a deep cleaning so as to not let the dirt return any time soon. 

Visitors dropping in unexpectedly? Call us.

Spilled ketchup or juice on the carpet and cannot find a way out? Call us.

Want to rest on the weekend and need someone to clean up? Call us.

We are a call away. Your home deserves the best treatment it can get and we’ll see to it that it does.

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