Why You Need The Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Why You need the Best Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Box Hill services are tailor-made for your carpet. Here’s why you must prioritise it!


Carpets are one of the most integral parts of any home. 

While the popular perception of carpets undoubtedly stems from the visual appeal, carpets do so much more than you expect!

Sounds surreal?

Carpets come with a host of wholesome ‘features’ that include the following:

  • Carpets save energy by serving as an insulating medium in your indoors
  • Provides a psychological feeling of warmth
  • They are easy and soft on the feet
  • Carpets are known to absorb sound and thereby improve your in-home acoustics
  • Over the course of time, carpets cost less than hard surface flooring in terms of purchase cleaning and maintenance
  • Contributes towards better health of people in the household by trapping dust and contaminants

We can bet that you weren’t aware of all these!

This just goes on to show how important it is to have your carpets cleaned on a frequent basis. This, however, comes with a catch. 

DIY carpet cleaning can end up doing more harm than good to your beautiful carpets. Carpet cleaning is a wet process and it is crucial for the carpet to be dried properly after the cleaning process. Inefficient drying can lead to a host of problems such as smells, discoloration, patches, shrinkage, or formation of mould. All of these are pressing issues that can totally ruin your carpet, even leading to delamination (a carpet that has separated from its backing). 

Coming to cleaning with machines, while the cleaning process may surely be effective, it would by no means be as good as professional carpet cleaning. In a nutshell, it is best to leave your carpet cleaning needs to the professionals. 

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Melbourne, there’s no better than this premier carpet cleaning Box Hill expert: NY Cleaning

As a family-run business in Box Hill, South East Melbourne, NY Cleaning has been a successful brand for more than a decade now and has catered to countless carpet cleaning South East Melbourne and surrounds projects with utmost efficiency. 

Be it carpet steam cleaning or even commercial cleaning, we have it all covered. Our expertise has transcended beyond carpet cleaning Box Hill and has cemented us as the go-to carpet cleaning brand in Melbourne.

With our vast experience, we have narrowed it down to the 3 most typical household reasons why you would need to get your carpets professionally cleaned. We have observed that most people aren’t aware of these reasons and that’s why this write-up serves as a guide to people in carpet cleaning.

Here’s a list of the common reasons why your carpet would need cleaning right now:




Walking over your carpet with your footwear on? Yes, we have all been there. When you enter your carpet with your shoes, you not only bring dust but also harmful bacteria. This makes your carpet dirty, contaminated and unhealthy. Therefore, it is best to completely avoid wearing footwear on the carpet if you want to steer away from unnecessary cleaning. 

Having a pair of footwear exclusively for indoor usage or adding welcome rugs or mats may serve the purpose of keeping your carpet free from dirt.



Your dog may be man’s best friend but why are definitely not your carpet’s best friend! Even the cleanest and most well-groomed pets can bring in the dust, fleas and fecal matter on their fur and go on to make your carpet dirty. 

Having your carpets vacuum cleaned regularly would help a great deal. 



Spills are probably one of the most common reasons for carpets getting dirty and also the most difficult one to deal with. More often than not, it is extremely challenging to remove spill marks. 

As such, it’s important to deal with spills as soon as they happen with a stain removal agent that works. Take care of the spilled area immediately by using thorough cleaning techniques. Some spills simply cannot be removed and you would need our professional carpet cleaning Box Hill services for that. 

If any of these aren’t cleaned properly, it can completely ruin your carpet. Instead, get the assistance of our professional carpet cleaning South East Melbourne and surroundings. 

Normally, it is important to get your carpets cleaned deeply once a year. The above-stated factors lead to frequent instances of your carpet getting dirty in the same area. Therefore, specialised carpet cleaning from the experts at NY Carpet Cleaning Box Hill, who go beyond just cleaning and help in prolonging the lifetime of your carpets as a whole. Leaving carpet stains unattended can harm the affected area considerably. So get our services without any further ado!

We can assure you that our cleaning processes would make your carpet look and feel as good as new! 

Don’t wait any longer! It’s better to get your carpet cleaned from the best rather than going for a new one altogether

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