Carpet Cleaning Wantrina

Do you own or rent a home in Wantirna and require the services of a professional carpet cleaner in your area? Call us at NY Cleaning for a free quote.

Many people invest a lot of money in carpets and floor coverings, which can have a big impact on the value of a home. Therefore, carpet steam cleaning can be a valuable service to apply in addition to your regular vacuuming, which only really deals with surface dirt.
NY Cleaning is a reputable, family-owned business and we have been meticulously taking care of carpets, rugs, leathers, upholsteries and tiles/grout in and around the Wantirna area for over ten years.
Our safe (yet effective) cleaning solutions can remove the most stubborn stains, which should make you breathe a sigh of relief (and will allow you to continue drinking in the loungeroom again). Our steam cleaning methods are also amazing at tackling flood damaged carpets and pet hair and messes, whilst eliminating nearly 100% of dust mites and other built-in dirt and grime from day to day living.
Our professional carpet steam cleaners are available to assist you with:

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