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3 Rooms for $79 is the price point we are doing currently upto 28 sqms

Get Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Services With NY Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning can effortlessly renew, refresh and restore your living space floors. The process is not merely vacuuming floors rather thorough and deep cleaning. This way, steam carpet cleaning services can eliminate dust, dirt, pet dander and odour. As a professional cleaning company, we use advanced equipment that draws deepest impurities out from the carpet fibres.

Carpet steam cleaning is a gentle yet effective method of office, house and commercial carpets. Almost no chemicals are used during the cleaning procedure and thus, after cleaning the carpet can be used directly without having to wait for the cleaning agents to evaporate. Despite no chemicals being used, our carpet cleaning process is highly effective and yields lasting results.

With NY Cleaning, our experts take care of your carpet cleaning. We make use of the most advanced and practical methods for your carpet.

Why Carpet Steam Cleaning is
Different At NY Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Sanitising With NY Cleaning

NY Cleaning offers a wide range of carpet steam cleaning services when it comes to carpet steam cleaning. With carpet sanitising, people with asthma, homes with pets and children who like to play outside, can ensure that their living space is clean and you can live worry-free.

NY Cleaning offers a wide range of commercial carpet steam cleaning services including for spaces like

Why NY Cleaning for All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs?

Experienced Cleaners can bank on!

As a local, family-run business we have invested time and resources strategically to ensure all our team members have the right training to deal with any problems at work. They are compassionate and always mindful about your convenience and comfort, this is how we also maintain the high standards of care for which we are known for.

We understand the value of every element in your living space and all our professionals are careful to carry out cleaning services efficiently and effectively. You can trust us to look after even the most luxurious carpets, furnishings and finishes with compassion.

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