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Stains can deeply impact the aesthetic appeal of your carpet. While many people tend to hide corner stains by placing them under furniture until professional carpet cleaners act on it, sometimes a stain in the middle of your carpet may call for immediate expert attention. This is where our carpet cleaning experts come into the picture.

We use safe products to get rid of stains. Our stain removal process at NY Cleaning does not include the use of heavy bleaches, instead, we use products and methods that are most effective and suitable for your carpet.

NY carpet stain removal Box Hill, Melbourne has established itself as a premier provider of all carpet cleaning services. We are conscious about the products we use to ensure that you get the best of carpet cleaning experience Melbourne has to offer.

Understanding Stains and Spots

Stains occur when liquid enters the carpet fibres. This can cause colour variation within the fibre, which can then be made worse with incorrect extraction methods and homemade solutions.


Spots appear on carpets and rugs after liquid or oil spills, as the offending matter draws the dirt that’s hiding underneath up to the surface. Hence dark, unsightly areas develop and you will notice this more in high traffic areas.

Common Types of Stains
Red wine stain removal

Carpet Stain Removal Specialist in Melbourne - The Importance and
Why NY Carpet Stain Removal Company is Professional

Stains can affect the aesthetic appeal of your carpets largely. Stains can be permanent if not acted quick and this may force you to get either a new carpet altogether or invest in expensive cleaning methods that might not be practical. At NY carpet stain removal Melbourne we understand this and are truly committed to providing carpet stain removal services Box Hill that work within your budget and are highly effective.

Our team of experts understand that carpet is a heavy investment a family makes and a stain can heavily impact that investment. With stain removal cleaning services that use highly practical cleaning methods and products that aren’t bleach heavy. We aim to eradicate the stain from its roots by using thorough cleaning methods.

Throughout the process, we ensure that the carpet has no uneven colouration. Our cleaning methods are kept exclusive to your carpet’s materials. This way, your carpet gets professional carpet stain removal Melbourne can bank on.


Why Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne is
Different At NY Cleaning

Our Carpet Stain Removal Process At NY Carpet Stain Removal Box hill, Melbourne

NY rug cleaning and mat cleaning is a process that is executed in steps to ensure top-notch cleaning quality. These steps involve:

Why NY Cleaning for All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs?

Experienced Cleaners Melbourne can bank on!

As a local, family-run business we have invested time and resources strategically to ensure all our team members have the right training to deal with any problems at work. They are compassionate and always mindful about your convenience and comfort, this is how we also maintain the high standards of care for which we are known for.

We understand the value of every element in your living space and all our professionals are careful to carry out cleaning services efficiently and effectively. You can trust us to look after even the most luxurious carpets, furnishings and finishes with compassion.

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