Stain Removal

We offer emergency spot removal and stubborn stain removal from all kinds of carpets, rugs and upholsteries. We are based in Box Hill, Melbourne and service all the south eastern suburbs. Please call us today for a free quote.
Did you know that not all carpet cleaners are trained in spot and stain removal? NY Cleaning has been working hard in this industry for over ten years and we have become masters at helping people fix unsightly spots and stains, which can’t generally be removed with normal carpet cleaning.


Stains occur when liquid enters the carpet fibres. This can cause colour variation within the fibre, which can then be made worse with incorrect extraction methods and homemade solutions.


Spots appear on carpets and rugs after liquid or oil spills, as the offending matter draws the dirt that’s hiding underneath up to the surface. Hence dark, unsightly areas develop and you will notice this more in high traffic areas.
Some of the stains we can remove:

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